About Me

Hello! My name is Mary Dempsey and I live south of Seattle in Washington state with my partner Katie and our two rescue dogs. I earned my Bachelor in Arts (Studio Arts emphasis) at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and just graduated June 2019 with my Masters degree in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.


I was inspired to pursue my graduate degree while employed for over five years at Green River College, where my work was all about information management – creating flyers, connecting students and instructors with valuable resources, responding to inquiries directly, and helping with outreach events. I realized during this time that I loved education and wanted to pursue a related career, but knowing many teachers personally I also realized that working in a classroom was not a good fit for me. Instead, I was interested by a friend’s career – she had become a public librarian. The more I learned about the work that she did in libraries, the more I realized I had found my career field! I’ve now worked for the King County Library System for over 2 years and was just recently hired on as an Adult Services Librarian.

Another of my passions is art and find my artistic/creative flair accenting every task or goal I undertake. Art making is a meditative act for me – it removes me from the present into an intense engagement with what I am creating. I have dabbled in many art forms, from sculpture to the circus arts (I’ve had a small amount of training in aerial circus!).

This website is where I share all the crazy different pieces that make up who I am and who I am working to become. Let me know if you have any questions or have feedback – I would love to hear from you!