Paying My Library Fines

I haven’t updated here in a while – and so much has happened! So now, it’s time for an OVERDUE post – let’s just say that this post is to pay my dues and settle that account 😉

In my last update, I discussed how I quit my full-time job working at Green River College and had applied for a part-time job at a library (actually, I applied for a couple). Part of why I’ve been so busy is that I got the job (as I hinted I thought I had)! Actually, I got BOTH of the library jobs I applied for (different locations, same work), but I turned down the one with less hours. I now am working around 25 hours a week. Somehow my time is still incredibly pinched, even working so much less than when I was employed full time, but I have been really glad for my new job (even if I haven’t made it up to campus for any extra offerings or events, as I had hoped). Working in a library space feels like a natural extension of learning about libraries in school – plus, there are lots of very human realities that just aren’t included in classes. Libraries are one of the last truly public community spaces, which means we see a variety of populations (and problems).

I’m now in the last third of my second year in the program – which means I’m approaching the last year of classes before graduation! I’m very nervous about my last year of grad school, especially making sure I meet all the requirements to graduate (there is a special Capstone Project you must complete as part of graduating, I guess I should probably figure out what that is).

Funny side-story: I also accidentally joined the leadership for the Society of American Archivists – UW branch. On the student Facebook pages they were saying that a club needed a graphic designer to do publicity stuff and I signed up before even checking what club it was. So I made sure to become official and actually join the Society (which means $$), but I’m honestly fascinated by archival work so I’m not sorry it worked out as it has. I’ve learned a lot working with this club and hope to maybe get a chance to do some archiving experience – unfortunately, the University of Washington (where I attend) does not offer very much in the way of archiving classes.

That’s essentially the life update! Also, I’m hoping to get back into doing some circus classes again in the somewhat-near future….timeline isn’t set, but there are opportunities on the horizon. I’ll also do my best to not be so “overdue” with a blog update next time and keep updating!