9 Reasons I Love the Library (by Gemma Correll)

Square comic box in shades of blue and black with large text reading 9 reasons I love the library. In the middle of the box is a cartoon bespectacled woman with her hair tied in a bun, with several thought bubbles around her reading which books are out now?, is my favorite librarian here today?, has the book I ordered arrived?, and an arrow pointing at her labelled feeling a bit faint with excitement
(all credit to the artist, Gemma Correll!)

Large text at top reads 1. Free books! Same cartoon woman in blue and black color scheme now shown walking next to a shelf of books, with a thought bubble reading I've got two tote bags and a backpack and I'm not afraid to use 'em! next to the large words my local library lets you take up to 45 books out at one time. Then below, in all caps, 45 is spelled out, underlined with an exclamation point

Large text at top reads 2. Librarians! A librarian character is depicted in blues and blacks sitting at a desk wearing a turban and large earrings, styled similar to a sage or psychic. Words float around the librarian all knowing, all seeing. The librarian holds a book labelled magic and a library card.

(side note: as a public library employee, please don’t use libraries with the expectation of silence. We usually try to have quiet areas, but the stereotype of librarians severely hushing every little noise isn’t reality. Public libraries are community centers where parents are reading to their children, librarians are teaching people to use computers, tutors are instructing students… sometimes we even have musical concerts! Like visiting any public space, it’s a good idea to bring headphones if you prefer to control your sound environment.)